Manufacturing Capabilities

Computer Numeric Control (CNC)
Plasma/Oxyfuel Cutting Machine

Plasma capability : Capable of cutting upto 32 mm thick material
Oxyfuel capability : Capable of cutting upto 200 mm thick material
Span : 6 mtr. Wide x 22 mtr. Long
Components : Complete with 1 plasma torch + 2 oxyfuel torches + marker

Numeric Control (NC) Shearing Machine

Capability : Shearing of upto 13 mm thick material
Span : 6.2 mtr. Wide

CNC Plate Rolling Machine (4 Roll)

Capability : Rolling of upto 32 mm thick material
Span : 3 mtr. Wide

CNC Profile Bending Machine

Capability : Bending of I beams, channels, round and square bars to desired radius

Radial Drill Machine

Capability : Drilling of holes of upto 50 mm diameter

Ironworker Machine

Capability : (a) Punching of holes of upto 34 mm diameter in 26 mm thick                      material
                     (b) Angle cutting of upto 150 mm x 150 mm x 18 mm size
                     (c) Flat cutting of upto 25 mm thickness and having a width of 380                      mm
                     (d) Cutting of round bars upto 55 mm diameter
                     (e) Cutting of square bars upto 50 mm x 50 mm

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Capability : 90 degrees bending of material of upto 25 mm thickness and 6.2 mtr. Width

Automatic Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) Machine

Capability : Column and boom assembly complete with rotators to facilitate automatic welding of material of upto 5 mtr. Diameter and 7.5 mtr. Length, weighing upto a maximum of 30 metric tonnes (mt)

Shot Blasting And Spray Galvanizing Chamber

Size : Measuring 5 mtr. High x 5 mtr. Wide x 6 mtr. Deep

Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Crane

Capability : (a) 50 mt with a span of 20 mtr. – 1 nos.
                     (b) 25 mt with a span of 20 mtr. – 2 nos.